I'm not sure, Suz. I agree with the comments that they look perfectly fine, and even great, on you. You have the figure to wear them, no problem. But I am unsure about whether they mesh with your style as I know it.

What I do sometimes with things like this that cause me to feel unsure, is to put them in the closet for a week (return policies allowing). If I do not feel compelled to wear them in that time, chances are that they're not for me.

(An aside from my purely selfish perspective -- I am ambivalent about leggings anyway. I feel like these would actually work well for my style and my life, but I'm not so sure about figure flattery, since I have much more generous hips and thighs than you do, and my additional height would make them much too short. So count me as a little envious that you *can* pull them off. :-D)

I'm adding up the adjectives here for LisaP and me:


Yep, that's me!

Also, let me clarify Butt-Vest. It's like a puffer vest - something extra that's an abbreviated version of the Real Thing. This is not a real skirt. It's a trompe l'oeil skirt. I was completely skeptical of its wearability until I tried it, because my first thought is I would NEVER wear the skirt part alone, just as you'd never wear your puffer vest alone.

But there is a certain silliness factor in how it feels that has to be conquered to own the look.

I haven't read all the comments but enough to not worry to post my real feelings. I think they are not quite right for you. You have an amazing figure and nothing to worry about hiding or anything like that. They just don't seem like "you" at all. You need to feel authentic in your clothes I think.

I've never worn leggings, but I thought I'd try some on the other day. They fitted nicely, they looked good, but they just weren't me. Something in me is just not that casual. It wouldn't matter what I wore them with, they just stand out as wrong for me. It's not my age, or my size, it's definitely a style issue, and that's what I see this as. I love your style and you've developed it well, but I'm not sure that these move you on in a direction that you want to go.

I love them with the asymmetric tunic. You certainly can pull them off--just not 100% sure about the length for some reason. Off to read the comments.

I agree with others that you look great in them but they do seem outside your usual style. The length is shorter than your DIY look with the dress and tights and generally shorter than I've seen you wear. And the fabrication does look a little more RATE than the preppy/crisp look of your usual style. If you are looking to branch out though, they look fantastic!

After I looked at the photos & before I read the other comments I felt some hesitation about these for you.

Angie is wise - if I didn't know you I'd say they look great too. Experience has taught me that just because something looks good doesn't mean it should be bought

I haven't read the comments yet so maybe I'll be an outlier. But I like your white and blue sweaters in general but not with these leggings. I liked the more sophisticated asymmetrical hem top instead. I thought that top would keep the leggings away from juvenile territory. You do have the figure for the leggings.

Thank you all so much for your comments. And Una, you gave me my second huge laugh of the day. ANALS. Total typo!!!! ANNALS. Annals!!!!

But if "butt-vest" joins the YLF lexicon, surely ANALS deserves to go down in YLF history as the best typo ever.

This is a fascinating discussion and is going to give rise to a new thread, I'm sure. I am really grateful that you are all being honest with me here. I will probably offer this skirted legging to another Fabber (no returns from here, alas...) but I am still somewhat mystified about what the problem with them for me is.

How come Una and Lisa are not "cute" or "juvenile" in this item....but I am? (Maybe because I look a bit "cute" and "juvenile" to begin with?)

How come they read as RATE? To me, they are not RATE, exactly -- with the zip and the leather, they seem a bit more polished than some versions. Or so I thought.

Gear-funky I sort of get....although they seem a bit citified to be gear-funky.

It's funny. When I saw these leggings (on Angie's post and on Lisa and Una) I did not see RATE or "cute" or "juvenile" or "gear-funky" or "sloppy." I saw "cool" and "urban." THAT is what I was going for. But that seems singularly hard for me to create. Fascinating conundrum.

Well, I wouldn't say you are doing anything wrong. It's just the idea of the skirt that throws me off. For example, look #12 is killer and I'd love to see it without the danged skirt. You have very shapely legs and can totally pull off leggings.

I don't think you look "cute" or "juvenile" in them at all. For me it's less of an age issue with the style than the style itself. Urban is probably a better descriptor than RATE. But between the fit, the zip, and the leather, they seem a little on the outside of your usual style range, whereas I associate urban/edgy more with Una's style. If you are looking to add more cool to your style, keep 'em!

Ill throw in more two cents, Suz. This rendition of the skirted leggings look is not crisp. They work for Una because her style is not crisp - you are signature crisp. (I have not seen the style on Lisa). Your instincts about being unsure about the style straight off the bat are not unwarranted.

Ah, the perils of a typo or slip of the tongue. Brings back the time I was lecturing about the SIX steps in assessing a communication strategy to a slightly sleepy crowd of students nearing the end of a 3-hour evening class. Trying to rev up the energy level, I moved closer to the audience, raised my voice, and with great deliberation, and a pause for emphasis, uttered: " Now, if you don't remember anything else from this evening, remember that, in the final analysis, SEX is the important, most critical aspect of any strategy".

A moment of utter silence while the group processed my statement, followed by an eruption of laughter and promises to never to forget my parting words. Class was over, but my words were repeated to every new group of students every year at orientation.

ETA: And, regarding the skirted legging--on you, an Urban Prince, the dang thing reads as a mini-skirt worn over leggings. On Una, it could be a skirt--or a underskirt--or a butt cover--or something entirely new cobbled together by an UWP striding around in a Mad Max apocalypse. It's like the girl who always looks classy in jeans and a white t-shirt, while her younger sister always looks like a tomboy in the same outfit and their cousin wears hers like a bombshell Marilyn Monroe. We are what we are.

Gaylene, that is HILARIOUS. From now on, you are YLF's official "sex-worker."

And yeah, there is so much wisdom in what you say. It goes along with Viva's post today. We are what we are.

In some ways, I'm much more comfortable with my inherent style than I ever have been in my entire life. And that is largely a gift of age. Not just because I'm now more comfortable with who I am. It's that "who I am" doesn't look quite as "cute" or "juvenile" simply because I am older. I have always longed for that cool, urban look -- but could never ever produce it in myself. Well, I may not ever have it, but at least I look a little less childish in my prep than I used to.

Still, I WOULD like to continue to evolve my style a bit. I used to think I wanted to go avant-garde. Until I realized that avant-garde draping and me are about as easy to marry as a cat and a potato. Then I thought "strict" was more what I am after. But I don't think that is correct, either. So...what is it? How to get that extra bit of urban without sacrificing who I am? Hmmm.

THE best typo ever Suz. Do you think you being gamine-ish has anything to do with these not feeling right? Do gamines need crispness & drama because I think you look fab with both? They do look great on Una but her overall look is RATE & they work so well with her boots.

Suz, I hear you on concerns about looking cute/juvenile! I'm in my early thirties and still get carded regularly (at least in the States). I am probably one of the few people who is excited about getting older for that reason. I am trying for a more urban look, part because of personality and part because I feel it gets me away from the gamine I tend to get if I wear classics more regularly. Interesting!

Suz- good for you to give these a go, given all the hesitation and all the possibilities. Can you wear them?  Of course you can.  

That said, I think the real question is will you wear them and do you want to do so?  My first gut reaction was "they are not Suz".  They could be a new direction if you are looking for variety, but they don't seem consistent with your look.  I wear some things that are a bit out of my personal fashion "box", though one variable they do not tweak is my sense of self in a fundamental way.  Those are instant closet orphans.  You know the answer for you.
I am off to read the remarks of others. 


Some of the concerns mentioned already were the main issue for me when I tried them, so they resonate with me. I can wrap my head around leggings with a long tunic because visually it functions like pants and a top. Adding the "third" piece of the skirted part of the legging makes them function as a micro-mini to me, despite everything being covered and you looking great. Skirts that short in public, unless one is going clubbing, are just not appropriate to my (quite possibly old-fashioned and antiquated) eye.

And to me there is a razor thin edge between acceptable short skirt length and too-mini, and somehow this one falls on the side of too short. Age has nothing to do with it, as you look fab in almost anything. I think my hang-up is simply that it looks like you are wearing a micro-mini and it doesn't function to my eye as one cohesive piece. But that could easily be my own stumbling block and not yours.

I think you are plenty Urban, Suz. Perhaps it's the playful aspects of your style you want to evolve.

Alrighty - I have to step back in . Pardon me, I was busy for few hours getting more EYELASH EXTENSIONS ! HAHAHA. Anyways, Una- speak for your self with your adjectives I'm not quite sure I fall into the RATE and sloppy and young category - but perhaps I do and just don't know it

I am using every ounce of self-confidence not to get freaked out about the notion I may look really ridiculous in these and not know it. But.....I don't think I do. This whole leggings issue really amazes me - in that so many women think they are inappropriate and too juvenile for anyone older than , what, 30? I'm not offended by this at all, only curious.

I do not treat this article of clothing as a mini skirt with legs attached,. It is not a mini skirt, full stop. BUTT VEST is the best term ever, and it's EXACTLY what this is! I do not feel like I'm wearing a skirt, nor am I.

Anyways, this is not about me. It's about how inherent style dictates how things look on you. You can't be who you are not. If I posted a picture of myself with a plaid shirt tucked into a sweater, you would all die laughing, and I guarantee it. It's an attitude too, and I think if you aren't comfy in them, it will show. I am not a buttoned-up , tidy and crisp dresser at all, but I do dress appropriately for my age and attitude. I have fit, toned legs, a reasonably funky modern haircut and am completely comfortable in easy-movement clothes like this. I'm also not all that tall, so the skirt is not a mile above my knees. Anyways - I think I'm reacting a bit to all of this leggings-are-so-horrible talk . Sorry

I hear where you are coming from, Lisa. No need to be sorry. For me, it's not an age thing at all. I'm sitting here in black leggings with an untucked plaid shirt and I'm 51. I feel completely appropriate and happy with this look. I do not hate leggings...in fact I quite like them. I like many things that women my age are supposedly too old for....like destroyed denim. And I don't give a damn. If I like something I'm going to wear it.
It's the skirt part that I'm not keen on. But we all have things we gravitate towards and things we aren't keen on. If you like something and feel good in it then go for it. I think the thing with Suz is she was feeling unsure about the skirted legging from the get go.

LisaP, ha! I'm not lumping you in with the likes of shabby me. I'm a year from 50 myself and also don't want to be seen as dressed too young. At the same time, I want to wear what I like, and I was surprised to find that I do like these. So I agree wholeheartedly with what you've said.

Note that there was not a giant resounding chorus of love for my wearing these either, and that's okay. I was grateful for those who did chime in, and for an unexpected K from Angie. Clearly leggings (skirt or no) are polarizing. Those who love them love them. Those who don't have their reasons, and I'm fine with that. In that vein, if anyone felt they were too young or somehow awful on me, please don't hesitate to say so kindly - I do not want to be the butt-vest wearing emperor.


And Suz, I think you are totally urban - just not Dark Urban.

Una - thanks - and I'm well over 50 and not trying to hide it. I do not project the image or attitude that is more often identified with women my age. Many people are quite surprised to know how old I am . I still don't think I'm mutton dressed as lamb though. Anyways - you looked absolutely perfect in yours - appropriate and authentic and yourself. Which is the way it should be! Suz looked great in hers, but her discomfort was visible in the photos. Clothes needn't be overthought - that's where it's not fun anymore.

Suz, you have a great figure and can totally wear these, but to me these aren't "you". Looking at the pictures I thought there was some sparkle in your eye missing - one that you usually have when you wear your fab outfits and we can see that you feel great in them. I don't think it's a failure if you decide you are going to give them (or anything really) a pass. On that note - I like what Gaylene said.

(I hope that wasn't too direct.)

Okay...now I am going to get picky. IS my discomfort visible in the photos? Honestly? I actually LOVE the idea of these things. I was hoping they would work, big time. And trying to make them work.

Oh well.

And Lisa -- I am also one of those people who is absolutely not trying to hide my age -- but not afraid to dress youthfully (if that is what it is.) Like Marilyn, I will wear distressed denim with ease. (Despite my polished, crisp persona -- distressed denim is just fine for me! -- another reason I thought these things might fly.)

That's why Gaylene's question almost doesn't compute for me. Okay -- admittedly -- I do dye my hair. But not in an attempt to hide my age. It's more pure flattery. When my hair is sufficiently grey to look truly grey (and not just washed out blonde) you had better believe I am GOING there.

I don't "want to look young." I DO want to look current and ...dare I say it..."cool."

Okay, maybe I will never look cool. So I want to look...with it? Sharp, I keep coming back to...

Maybe I am missing what everyone else is saying and I like them on you but of course you have to be comfortable in them. I like them with the dark colored tops and I love them with the asymmetrical one.
As I said before, maybe I am missing the point but I think they can look great with OTK boots.

They look fine on you Suz -

I'm just not a fan of leggings with a tunic, so it stands to reason that I'm not going to be a fan of leggings with a mini skirt. They remind me of a little girl who's wearing pants under her dress to keep her legs warm when she goes outside to play!

However, I can see how these could easily fit into a lounging capsule - so maybe if you decide that you don't want to wear them out in public - you could just incorporate them into your lounging capsule?

Yes, sharp, youthful, current and might I add confident and very comfortable in your skin. In these outfits, you are (in your own words) out of your comfort zone and it is showing. However, I think Angie is right in saying sleep on these a couple of nights and see how you feel? BTW, what does Mr. Suz think?