I'm another person who's relieved to hear that skinnies aren't going anywhere for some time. I've got several pairs and really enjoy wearing them.

I am also glad to hear this. I live in BF jeans that are really straight legs. My super baggy BF jeans rarely make it out of the closet these days. My "skinnies" are very relaxed. I LOVE flares and bootcuts but I can only wear heels for a short period of time so they are not practical for daily wear.

Thank you, Angie. I have been eyeing these.

Thanks, Angie! Glad to hear this. I still love a straight leg silhouette and still like having a pair or two of skinny jeans to tuck into tall boots.

Angie, your post several years ago on how curvy girls could wear skinnies was an epiphany for me......I had never owned a pair and now they're a wardrobe essential. I have a dark wash, a lighter wash, and a looser fit lighter wash and they're all in constant use. I agree that its great to be able to change between cuts and fits. Yay for fashion longevity :).

I'm glad to hear it, though not overly surprised. Although I know it's sometimes a fool's errand to apply logic to fashion, it seemed inconceivable that a season that embraces both variety and practicality would cast aside one of the most versatile and popular silhouettes out there. Black cigarette pants and straight-legged jeans are among my wardrobe essentials, so I didn't plan to let them go even if they did fall out of favour.

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Thank you, Angie!!! I own some skinnies, but could give them up as supertight ones are not really my cup of tea. However the slim straight has been my favorite silhouette since junior high (early 70s) when we all gave up our bell bottoms for Levis 501s, a really defining style moment for me. I like the silhouette both in denim and dressy fabrications and I really, really, really don't want to give it up. Thank you!

Also thanks for explaining that relaxed skinny = slim BF. Finally I understand DD's Paige BF jeans.

I love my relaxed skinnies/slim boyfriends.

I love my jeans in all forms ^_^ Although I reach for the comfort of my bfs the most, I love my skinnies too :). I am sure I would be wearing lot more of my skinnies when the winter arrives. So this is great news , Angie!

Thanks Angie! I am glad to hear it. I love the silhouette of a skinny or slim straight leg and while I do also like a flare or bootcut, they are definitely not my preference. Skinnies for play time and a slim straight leg for work will keep me happy for a long time to come There is cetainly no shortage of them in our stores.

I'm another one glad to see skinnys live on forever.

Lonk live skinnies and straight legs, ladies.

I wish that I saw skinnies on the street a bit more relaxed. Yesterday a saw a young woman wearing straight-from-the-hip flowing white trousers and they looked so refreshing. It made me wonder though about the length they should be now...still PPL just about sweeping the ground? These were ankle length to show the shoe but looked too short to my eye for the wide leg opening. Her brown loafers looked frumpy to my eye and ruined the line of the trousers.

I am very happy that there is variety in jeans right now, straight, skinny, bootcut, colors, patterns, jeans have really stepped it up in variety.

Count me in the happy jeans camp as well. I love variety in cuts and colors. Skinnies are incredibly useful, especially in rain and snow, and I am very glad they are not going anywhere.

I love my skinnies. They aren't skin tight, but they're close fitting so I can tuck them into my boots. I'm relieved to hear I can still wear them.

My skinnies (both jeans and pants) are essential for long-over-lean outfits. Over the years I have collected lots of beautiful shift dresses, but my climate is usually too cold for them, and I get sick of wearing them over leggings. (Don't get me started on my problem with buying the same lovely but impractical items over and over again...) Pairing them with skinnies looks a bit more put-together, to me, than with leggings. And pairing them with wide trousers would just look weird and baggy. So long may skinnies last, they are central to my wardrobe.

I'm glad! Very practical indeed to wear with flats!