Within the past couple of years I've had to give up 'pretty" shoes in favour of wide width flat shoes. So far, my Merrell hiking shoes are the most comfortable shoes I own for walking in, but hard to get away with at work. For the last year, I've had basically one pair of work shoes -- black chisel-toe Blundstones.

After reading so many posts on YLF about Doc Martens, I started to think they might make a passable alternative for me. So, this weekend, I bought a white pair at Famous Footwear (they appear to be made specially for them, and are not roomy in the toe as the 1460s, but I figured they were an affordable way to test the Doc Martens waters, so to speak..

THEN today I found a yellow pair of 1460s, and I bought those, too.

As I've been wearing both pair around trying to decide which to keep, I've started to wonder if I need to size down. I bought both in size 8, which is my new usual size (I was a 7 1/2 until the podiatrist told me I needed to bump up).

It frankly didn't occur to me to try on a 7 as I have NEVER worn a 7. I guess I will go back out there tomorrow and try on the smaller size, but I am curious -- what's your experience? Have you needed to size down?