I'm going to get myself a new pair of fun sandals this year, and I've been wondering if silver would be considered a low contrast colour against very fair, cool-toned (ashy pink) skin. Since I walk a lot and FAST (and mostly on cobblestones - yay for European old towns), I'm definitely going for flat footwear. Also, I live in dresses in spring in summer, and I need all leg lengthening tricks I can get. I'm not a fan of totally nude shoes - I like the look on someone else, but personally I feel bare footed and awkward, so I'm looking for low contrast options. I've browsed a lot of Pinterest and Google graphics, and unless the model is quite tan, and shoes very mirror-y, silver looks low contrast on most fair-skinned people, at least to my eye. What's your take on this? Are there any other low contrast options I've missed? What about dove grey, or pale blue?