So, uncharacteristically, I'm still undecided on the silver jeans. I did a try on session. I have a million things I could, theoretically, wear them with. But I'm not sure these are "the ones."

It's hard to photograph them accurately. They are very shiny -- no question -- but IRL you don't see every single crease and buckle in the same way. The lighting in my room is far from natural -- I have all kinds of lights rigged up to try to balance the light from behind, but the effect is to highlight shine and shadow in weird ways, despite what I try to do in photo editing.

Anyway -- that said...I think what I might be reacting against is a feeling that the outfits or the jeans themselves are dated! Ironic, since this is a trendy item!

It could be the footwear. (But I don't want to buy a whole new wardrobe of shoes for one pair of jeans.) It could be the shape of the jean (I'm now such a convert to wide legs, a straight jean feels like a skinny).

On the plus side, I really do think these are great quality for the money (esp. at the sale price I paid!).

Anyway....what think you? I did not try them on with winter items because, well, the cashmere is in storage. But I've pictured some of my items that do or could work with the jeans below, for reference.

It could be that these are simply not "the ones." Or it could be that so much silver just feels a bit excessive, out of my comfort zone. I'm not entirely sure and welcome your thoughts. I am happy to push my comfort zone for the right wildcard. I am not happy to spend on something I won't wear.

I do have occasions -- potentially. But I'll only wear them if I want to wear them, as per Janet's recent post. And at this point, I'm conflicted. When I first pulled them on, I wanted to wear them! When I look at the photos, I think, hmmm, maybe not?

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