After last night's post about the Zara white silk blouse I'm trying out, I went through my closet AGAIN and did some serious thinking.

I have fallen in LOVE with silk. The Zara blouse feels so wonderful against the skin and with the right white cami underneath, would lose some of its sheerness and shine (plus the flash made the shirt shinier than IRL). I did not like the look of it untucked and now that Angie has explained it is because of the straight hem, it makes sense to me why. I do however positively LOVE LOVE LOVE it semi tucked with the jeans. Hubs also really liked that look and though it "prettied" up the jeans very nicely.

In that same post, I had tried a dark blue/black Jeanne Beker voluminous blouse that was clearly too large. But it is also a polyester blend that is not the softest against the skin (am I becoming a fabric snob???). I am going to go try on the smaller size today at lunch time but I'm a little on the fence because of the fabric.

So this leads to my dilemma - I would like to keep the white Zara blouse but its use is limited due to its shape and I would still like to find a soft blouse that could be worn untucked. I have found this one on the Zara site that I think is stunning and is silk It has the possibility of working better than the Jeanne Beker blue blouse and has a bit more structure to it. I think it may work but untucked and tucked and is actually less expensive.

Question #1: Is it silly and wasteful to keep a blouse that can really only be worn one way? Mind you I didn't try the white Zara blouse semi tucked with a topper - that could expand its versatility. If I kept I would not purchase another white blouse that could be worn untucked.

Question #2: Do you like the look of the blue tuxedo style Zara blouse better than the Jeanne Beker and should I order to try?

Note that neither of these break my shopping rules - the white blouse is on my needs list and the blue blouse is part of hubs/mine Anniversary shopping spree.

Would love your feedback and thank you in advance