I’m curious, how many of you have borrowed clothing to wear from your SO and what were they?
Also, has your SO expressed any particular interest in certain things you wear, what are they?

Once in a while I will borrow something of my Husbands; usually a hooded sweatshirt, sometimes a men’s belt, and a pair of his slim-straight jeans.
One time he accidentally put on a pair of my bootcut jeans and on him they looked like slim fit men’s and it wasn’t bad looking at all!

My Husband has told me he especially loves how I look in dark rinse skinny jeans, how the jeans show off my figure and body curves more than other kinds of jeans. I used to have a yellow dress he liked too but it no longer fits me.
My Husband also likes when I wear a belt. If we are standing next to one another he frequently will come up behind me and subtly place his hand around my waist and rest his fingers on my belt or in the belt loops and gently pull me closer to cuddle or just to be close to me ❤️ I like wearing belts anyway, but since my Husband especially likes how they look on me it makes me want to wear them more often for him too.
Lingerie is another favorite but that’s a given