Margot is my 4th Westie with DH and I having had fur kids together since we married. I have lots of Westie inspired items, including cushions for the sofa and ornaments and toys - people love giving me Westie inspired items. In terms of my wardrobe, I do enjoy fun prints, but have not gone too crazy with the doggie theme - although I have recently purchased some tartan to match my dog's Scottish heritage.

My Westie items are:
Earrings - given to me by a close friend on the death of my beautiful Westie Bijou - so these earrings are very special to me
Westie Brooch
JCrew shirt - with little Westies embroidered
Sweater - with dogs in the fair isle print

Other animal / bird items:
Owl bag
Owl scarf - with a cat on the scarf too
Red bird scarf
Tiger wrap tunic
Black Sheep sweater (on order)

what a fun thread! I have been on the look out for a t-shirt with some cat designs but I need to find a balance between cute and casual. So far, I only have this brooch

I also have some animal prints, but as you can see, my animals tend towards socks and pins.
Seeing everyone’s collections is fun.


Thank you, people! Seeing your stash and pets warms my heart! LOVE IT ALL SOOO MUCH.

bonnie, your birds are delightfully precious. WOW. Such joy!

My only animals (or pets) are on my socks. Giraffes and cats. Oh, and a porg coffee mug :D. Does that count?!

No wardrobe items yet for our pet frog...

I like a fair dose of twee, but have very little in the way of critter prints. I am both a dog person and a cat person, so I hesitate to declare myself for one team or the other. Also, my heart is with herding breeds (border collies, aussie and english shepherds, shelties and collies, etc.) and they are under-represented in doggie swag! Easier to find in kids sizes; DS has worn this "super-dog" tee in 2 different sizes and is getting these sheep trial PJs from Boden as his Christmas jammies this year. I think the only critters I wear right now are on my silk scarves -- one with tigers (my Chinese zodiac year), and one with bees (because yay pollinators!). Also, two fish-themed necklaces because I'm a Pisces who grew up on an island. Perhaps my French press counts as a pet? I couldn't live without it.

I don't have many animal items (other than animal print) and am always on the lookout for good ones. Right now I have only one, which is quite a few years old but is still holding up!

I just added this item to my finds for this post, and I'm glad I had the reason to look it up--I like the styling hack of having a bit of an undershirt peeking out below the welt of the sweater. I'll have to try that next time I wear it.

The fun continues, and oh my word - all soooo cute!

Wanted to join in all that fun - here are few pieces! The other ones need more time to locate- maybe later .
The earrings are recent present from my ex - looked a bit too precious to wear.

Fav glasses

I have this custom petit basset griffon vendéen t shirt in honor of Reedy. I hadn’t worn it for a couple years, but decided it would suit this older, not very trendy but cosy, felted wool mini.

I like leopard, zebra and all other sorts of prints but I was aiming for the animal motif.

Just kitty earrings and a panda blouse. Am not including snake, zebra, and leopard prints.

I don't have much, but here are my Pembroke Welsh Corgi sneakers! They're my favorite breed, and I hope to get another one of these days. In the meantime, I adore my sweet mixed breed rescue. All dogs are good dogs.

I'm wearing these today to WFH and take care of Adora with black overalls and a black and white striped, long-sleeved tee.

Sam got mugged !!

Nice bow, btw.

Thanks, ladies! Appreciate the smiles, giggles, and good cheer this thread created