Following on from Cat2's thread, I am interested to see your clothing or accessories that genuinely spark joy!! Let's say up to five but no strict rules.

Here are some of mine.

- the white shoes make me feel a bit cooler than I really am.
- this black and tan furla is the perfect work satchel for me - practical, beautifully made and the two tones means it goes with almost everything. I bought it second hand which makes me like it even more.
- I love this black sheath dress. So flattering and I adore the neckline. It makes me happy to wear it.
- these green tango sandals were purchased in Buenos Aires and remind me of a lovely South American holiday. I had fun choosing the colour in a tiny specialty boutique. And they are comfortable.
- this pleated scarf is in colours that I really like and it really is the making of many simple outfits.

Just looking at these items makes me happy!!