This is a great topic and I am loving all of these dresses. Laura I love your Boden dress with the red ruffles but on the Boden site they look orangish. How does the red look to you?

Dianne, thanks for the kind words! The ruffles are an orange-y red. I'd say the color leans more orange than red, if that makes any sense. I was pleasantly surprised, because I didn't expect these sandals to match this dress, and they wound up matching perfectly.

Interestingly, in looking at their site yesterday, I noticed that Boden has started describing the color of the trim on at least some of their dresses.

Kathie, Boden and Topshop have done well by many of us this year.

jlpp, I'm with you on color and whimsy!

Bijou, thanks for chiming in from the Southern Hemisphere. What a great collection of sleeved dresses!

KL, I agree with Suz about the blue green dress.

Anne, looks good!

delurked, nice choices! I've seen that AT dress in person, and it's very nice.

Brooklyn, you're welcome, and I hope you find a reason to keep that dress.

Tanya, you may be the winner now. WOW.

Joy, how wonderful that you lucked into that pretty dress.

Chris, nice choices, and you're all set now for being more dressy and less dressy, it seems.

Laura, I got that Boden dress in blue, and it didn't work on me, but it's great on you! I was also eyeing the sold out one, but I tend to buy too many beachy looking dresses (though I could probably have dressed that one up enough for work). I hope it will pop back.

Thanks everyone so far for sharing all the pretties, and the useful info on some of them.


*happy dance*

Here are the 3 dresses that I have got this year.Sorry they are in need of an iron!The stripy t shirt dress is from Joules,the other 2 are shirt dresses that I made myself ,the first has a A-line skirt and is made from stretch cotton and the second is the same pattern but with a full gored skirt(14 panels to put in!).

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In spite of having bought a huge bunch of dresses, I’m up in the air about most of them. But I’m definitely keeping this one.

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That’s a really lovely and flattering dressJAileen.

Love seeing all your successes in dresses. I've sent back several, alas, except this one below which I love. and I just ordered the Max dress that both Gail and Murph love. High hopes! Though not dresses, I love these purchased items from Anthropologie.

Christina, I’ve been considering that red Loft dress. My reservation is that it doesn’t seem hugely versatile. Have you tried it with various toppers, leggings, nylons, shoes, etc? And what are your favorite combinations?

I have the same question on the red Loft dress, Christina. Also, how far above the knee is this dress and your height? I am 5' 7". It would seem that this dress must fit perfectly at one's natural waist. Do love the print, color and style. Seems like it would pack well.

You can see a photo of me in the Loft dress in this thread. I am 5'4 but with relatively long legs, and you can see it's just above my knee.
it does sit at my natural waist, but be aware that I have a short torso. I didn't get a petite, though, as I wanted it not to be any shorter than it is.

I have not tried it a ton of ways yet, but I believe I could also wear it right tights and a cardigan. My co-worker also happened to buy it, and I saw her style it that way. Or instead of the flats I have on in the picture, I could wear sandals. It would probably also be nice with a white denim jacket, which I don't currently own. Overall, I think it's a polished yet relaxed vibe, and that it can be dressed up a little, but not a lot.

Hope that helps!

I ordered this Vince dress at the Nordstrom sale (find is from shopbob b/c for some reason I can't collect finds from Nordstrom right now?). I full realize this may only appeal to 90's girls like me, heh. Anyway, I love it. The color way is less high contrast IRL than it appears in the shopbop model photo. I need to do a small alteration on it (take up the shoulders) before I can wear it though.

Thank you, Christina! Well, I went ahead and ordered the navy Loft dress you posted because it's on a deep sale (yea!) and it looks like it might be a little longer on me. Plus it is so darn cute! So happy you started this thread this morning as I've ordered two dresses, both on sale! I am traveling abroad in July and need a couple of summer dresses that pack with ease and can be dressed up or down. I am ordinarily not much of a dress kind of gal (esp since I'm now retired) but dresses are cooler to wear than pants and can look great with sandals and maybe even my fashion sneakers. You look so cute in that red dress; that one was made for you. very sweet.

CJ, the nice thing about the navy dress is that the tie on the front allows you to make it more or less fitted. Making it less fitted will be a great option on a hot day. Little dresses like this are great for travel, arent't they? And yeah, I believe it's a little longer.

Double checking the measurements on the Loft dress and your comments realizing that on me it’s going to sit like a mini skirt at best! However, I do have one dress that is equally short, which I don’t wear as much as I intended when I bought it. But, your white denim jacket comment reminded that I just recently bought a structured white 3/4 sleeves cardigan which will make the short dress I own appear more like an everyday dress and help to remove the “party dress” factor. I’m thinking that if I wear that one a few times with the white cardigan, then I can proceed with purchasing this red dress, if it’s still available. I hate when I don’t wear things I like because I don’t have time to think about what would make them more wearable. This is very rare for me, but irksome when it happens.

So many lovely dresses y'all have purchased!! I have acquired only one frock this year so far - I'm on a bit of a self-imposed clothes shopping ban, with the exception of thrift scores, until I get back to my fighting weight. But I desperately wanted a new outfit for my birthday party back in March. The theme was 'Spring Fling' and the minute I saw this beauty at Anthropologie I knew it had to come home with me. I am 5'8" and I have a hard time finding maxis that come to the floor on me, but this one fit the bill. As a bonus, its loose fit accommodates any shift in weight.

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I am really hard to fit in dresses (I wear a size larger on bottom than on top), so I was really feeling disheartened seeing everyone's beautiful dresses while I couldn't find one. BUT I kept up the search and bought this lovely frock last week!

I have a smaller bust, but the wrap is not very deep and stays shut well. The cut is very classy and looks good on my slim hourglass figure. I normally don't find what I'm looking for at Loft (haven't bought there for some years)--another example of leaving no retail stone unturned!

Gigi, I often require a size larger on bottom than on top too, so if any of my selections appeal to you, you might find something that works for you there (although I am large busted, the hips are a thing to be reckoned with).

I echo Janet - I’m more like two sizes larger on the bottom, too.

I tried that LOFT dress too and loved it. I didn’t bite because I needed to take stock of my summer dress situation by getting dresses out of storage. It’s a contender now that I’ve done that.

Thank you, Janet! It sure can be difficult sometimes.

Christina F., I'm glad you liked the dress too. It's such a classy print and style, and it's affordable. I hope you check it out a second time!

I'm been trying to shift away from separates and into dress territory, but they are also a hard fit for me, plus I'm picky. I tried on several nice silhouettes at Zara but they all had something wrong with them: uncomfy, strange fit, poor quality fabric, even sewing defects!

I did buy this one on a BR sale, to have as a "nice event dress". The color is fabulous, the fabric feels marvelous, and the length is classy. Now just looking for a shrug or short blazer to combine with it. Something with a slight sheen to match the fabric texture. I have a couple office style blazers but the effect is too boxy. And thinking of combining the dress with olive or khaki pumps. Advice welcome!

So many great dresses on this thread!

I would be tempted to buy many of them, but I am down under and it's winter here, so the temptation to spend on lovely summery things is reduced.

I used to wear a lot of true vintage, and I'm excited to have bought my first vintage piece for years - a simple royal blue dress from the early 60s. It's medium-weight wool so I'm hoping it will be ok for winter.

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I’m jealous Such pretty dresses but I’ve sworn to put my budget to ‘better’ use as I badly need summer tops and trousers. I find I can wear and remix tops and trousers more often than I can repeat wear a dress (small summer shoe collection). Also, I still have a nice selection of older summer dresses so in a way I’m happy in that area!
Find: the one new dress I bought so far.

Here are mine (and I threw in a skirt too).
I wear each every week and I’ve decided I only like them with dainty footwear. The consequence is that my sneakers have not been seeing as much wear as I thought.

Eleanor Dress
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Yes, lots of FAB dresses to choose from this year!

Here are my 4 additions:
1) Have 2 casual summer weddings to attend and thought the lace added a touch of dressy. Will wear with the printed sandals and silver accessories.

2 & 3) The black and palm print dresses do not require slips so great for my hot weather summers.

4) Another casual dress for indoor a/c since it requires a slip.

Mine are almost all Boden, plus a Veronica Beard cocktail dress I got for an event in January.

I'm so enjoying wearing dresses and skirts now that the weather has turned warm.

I’m so happy I started this thread. I will be traveling tomorrow by bus (for a work retreat) and I’ll have time then to answer people individually.

My new blue and yellow dress from Boden has arrived but I won’t be home for a while. In the meantime, I’ve had some luck at Anthro - usually shrivels my Gen X heart to go into one of the stores, to be honest. I’m talking about the store experience, not the merchandise But once in a while they have one item that doesn’t have too many details for me, and I fall in love. (Usually there is one detail too many.) I can’t resist a travel motif though. This dress is a maxi on me, but my ankles peep out.

I was eyeing the Lucky button sleeve knit dress on your list just this morning. Have you given it a try yet? Thanks. If I’ve missed you in it, please point me in the right direction.

I hear that my Nicole dress has finally arrived, along with a plain blue Phoebe dress. Will report back tonight.

That Anthro dress two comments above didn't work out for me. The Bodice was too tight in places and too loose in others, and it's expensive even without sizing up and altering extensively. Going back.

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I've been enjoying admiring everyone's new dresses, and after many tryons and returns, I finally have two keepers. I love the modern-retro print and length on the Target Mossimo dress. And the picture doesn't do the Vince Camuto justice - the skirt has delightful drape and movement, and is a bit longer on 5'6" me than the model.

I'm going to follow Angie's lead and dress the striped one one down so I can wear it more - thinking some funky sandals will do the trick. Other ideas?

Hurray for a dress season!