I am inspired by Vicki's recent post on fluid tops.


I don't know why - well, maybe I do - but I am struggling with fluid fit on tops.

  • Sometimes I am sized out on the top end, I am in L/XL misses tops already, before sizing up.
  • I have a mental block against sizing up (related to self image, weight loss, etc). I know I need to get over this but it's hard.
  • Sometimes when I do size up, it just looks frumpy / oversized on me. Can't pinpoint a pattern of why this is happening.
  • I am a slight pear shape so I tend to go for structure on top, especially around the shoulders, for balance in my outfits
  • I am not used to wearing fluid tops (again, my own issue I need to get over - at least I am trying here!)
I am begging you fab ladies for two things:
1. photos showing fluid fits so I can SEE what it's supposed to look like

<<bonus points for ladies wearing size L or XL tops!!!!>>

2. specific recs for tops to check out

Thank you SO much.