Good luck with your sandal search. My most worn sandals were all bought in summer of 2014 or earlier and have cushy almost-flat foot bed and lots of straps. I do not find completely flat, hard soled sandals comfy.

I got the Sofft Rianna sandal that Suz showed I n both silver and black. I have a hard time finding sandals that are the right level of casual to work as you described plus are as comfortable as they need to be. I wore both colors pretty evenly and will definitely keep them for next year.

Thanks this thread has grown suddenly. There are some super stylish flat-ish sandals out there. I hit a work deadline and got a wee bit behind. I need to see what I can source locally and then look at online - comfort is top of the list but I think I can combine stylishness too.

I also need to be careful not to fall into my trap of thinking I must have one pair to meet all my needs. Sometimes I think I would be better to buy two at once, then none the following year. I do the same with jeans and boots and while I like to keep my wardrobe tight, it can be a little shortsighted to think like this.

I like the Dromedaris brand. I've worn the "Ana" sandal the past two summers.