For the Canadians looking for the DKNY mesh skirt - it is available at the Bay, similar pricing to Macy's but in Canadian dollars. Easy peasy ordering and returns!

@Neelie - you’re killing me! I’m trying to sit on my wallet until the new year!

That gold blazer you added to Finds is divine, Angie! And your new skirt is stunning!! Super fun with the jumpers!! You already know how much I looooove your shorter 'do. And a big hurrah alround for Macy's!

I just purchased the crewneck sweater with the Westies on it after thinking about it for a week. So stinking cute for a dog lover like me!!

I have been absent the forum for many many many months....but check out the blog every month or so still. Funny because for last 6 months I have been the merchandise manager for....Macy's at a Nor Cal store. I would recommend checking out INC for good buys on trendy items if one wants to delve into a new look or color and not invest a lot.
Yes, sales floor help is not our strength. (I have also found that lacking at competition so there;s that....) Love the haircut!

nuancedream - that IS such a fun sweater!-)
Christieanne - Oooh I hope you are loving your new job!