*Waves cigarette lighter*

Love your new hair. Your skirt is great. Very pretty.

hair is super cute and love the wave! Ive given some love to Macy's as well! They have the sizes and even the bra selection was better than nordies for me...the store is a bit crazy and ghost-like at times, but an adventure anyway to be had. DKNY especially has given me some stylish plus options when the designers fall off.

oh yeah and cheers 1970!! best year ever! I even wish that sweater came just a little larger!

So now to find just the right way to bring in the next half-century...I took my mama to get a tattoo when she turned 50 (her first and only), so maybe I will take her with me to get (another) one for me this time!

Very discplined of you not to lead with your hair Angie! But I am not so good and I will just say LOVE IT. Heh. Also I need to make a haircut appointment.
I like the relaxed fit of the skirt and it does look like twirly heaven!

Thanks so much for the kind words!

deb and Mntsofthemoon, go check Macy’s out!

delurked, gorgeous skirt. I will make it a top pick.

Sal, next year is a BIG year for us

Cee and Style Fan, thanks for the support.

Rebekah, I nodded along to every word. You are dead right! Go Team 1970 Babies, and YES to your next special tattoo

Jaime, you are delightful and gracious as always.

As always, you are adorable <3

Of course, Macy’s for dresses! (Slaps forehead.) I will be attending three or so weddings in the next year, and it has occurred to me that my black and gray denim, sweater dresses, and T-shirt dresses won’t exactly be appropriate. I will have to check out Macy’s web site. As others have mentioned, the local bricks’n’mortar store is more chaotic than I prefer to deal with.

Hair is super cute! It helps to know how you deal with your hair, because winter in my climate can be very tough as well, and I'm never sure how to cope with it. Maybe I need to just go really short for winter...

Love the skirt, especially how you've styled it with the 1970 sweater.

Oh, forgot to say that yes, Macy's often comes through for me when other places don't. Macy's always seems to be a good place to get dressy stuff. And you can almost always find a good deal. I am often sized out there or I would shop there more.

I love your hair and I want to go through all the item when I have time but I am glad to see Macy’s upping their game.

I think your hair looks brialliant at this length-the chop did not affect the style! And love the new skirt!:-)

The terrier sweater - I hope JAileen gets it - I love my westie sweater purchased last Christmas.

Another Macy's recommendation for anyone seeking festive denim: These INC jeans are plain in front and back, and party on the side! (The pair I bought doesn't have the dramatic striping/faux creasing on the front that the pair pictured in the Macy's link has). I couldn't resist the disco ball racing stripes and plan to wear them on Thanksgiving with a turtleneck and cowboy booties.

Angie, I love your hair! You look exactly like I imagine Tinkerbell would look, in the original Peter Pan story (not the Disney film).

And I love me a good twirly skirt! I love how you were able to work it into an everyday type outfit. I’m going to have to look and see what I can do with mine!

I love twirly skirts and that one is really cute on you. I have to agree that Macy's has a great selection of petites, which I really appreciate. I wish they had more in store but at least they are available. And prices are really reasonable.

Cindy, Lyn67 and Debbie, thank you for your gracious words

RobinF, you are dead right!

Gigi, you are sweet and lovely as always. I've found that Macy's does a better job of stocking smaller sizes online. It's worth a look.

Bijou, I remember the pullover. STINKING cute.

Laura, I will make those a top pic. Super cute!

LBD, you crack me up. YAY! I'm Tinkerbell. Fun compliment!

DonnaF, YES to Macy's dresses.

I love your hair! Macys is great when it comes to petite dresses. I ordered about 8, casual summer dresses this summer, thinking I might be able to make a couple work. Well they all worked! I had quite a time whittling it down to 4 dresses.

AviaMariah, that made me laugh! Great! Share your winning dress finds please, when you have a moment.....

Angie, you look adorable in that skirt! And your hair is terrific. I think it will be easier to manage for sure but you still get the soft fringe and the fun of wearing it multiple different ways. Brava! A change can be as good as a rest.

Thanks for this terrific shout out to Macy's. I always admire and appreciate the way you point out which retailers are getting it right from year to year, at all price points. It's super helpful! I really like the items you've selected as winners on clients.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Those velvet dresses make me wish I needed one. I’m all about festive separates this year though. I wish I wanted to shop at Macy’s more but the flagship in NYC is too crowded with tourists. Even thinking about going to the Herald Square area makes me break out in hives :p I snag the occasional item online and hope I don’t need to return it. in another city it might be better, if disorganized.

Fab skirt ( I hope you twirl a lot) and fab hair!

Queen of Modern Retro. Swoon!

I also wanted to add that I love your hair! (And need to remind myself that despite my love, I can't necessarily do the same thing to my hair due to a radically different texture, face, etc.!)

Well, as mentioned earlier, I have a few weddings coming up but don't have much in the way of wedding guest dresses. Feminine dresses aren't really my *thing* so it's a bit of a struggle since I also feel black is not right for a day wedding. I just ordered the four Macy's dresses below; the sparkly turtleneck is due to a March outdoor wedding in Mesa, Arizona and I am afraid I will freeze to death since it could be in the 60s. But I also like sparkles anyway.

I'm also waiting to hear from DD as to whether I should order another two or three puffers from Macy's to augment the eight or ten I already ordered from Lands End and Nordstrom. She is super, super hard to fit!!!

The hair length you landed on is perfect, and I like the super short undercut. The skirt suits you!

Oh! Came up on this earlier this week and thought of all the ‘Dog People’

I just went down the rabbit hole of Macy's dresses. Really appreciate the shout-out, because, as others have mentioned, I do find the B&M stores to be a bit cluttered and hard to shop. These are very tempting..I might have to order all three!

Pics of disco ball jeans in action. Yay Macy’s! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Laura, I like them so much better on you than the stock photo. The whiskering in the stock photos put me off, but yours don’t look so extreme. Am I right?

Thanks so much for the kind words and dress Finds, ladies. Much appreciated!

Laura, sooo much better on you than on the model Smashing!

Janet, yes, you're exactly right. The whiskering (that's the word I was trying to recall!) is much less pronounced than in the stock photo. It's there, but it doesn't look dramatically stripe-y. They are fun to wear!

Oh my gosh! You are sweet, Angie. Thank you!

I, too, have been loving the dress selection at Macy's!

That Lauren Ocelot pleated jersey dress? It's a knockout! Whenever I wear it to work (with black tights, black chelsea boots), I get compliments. I work in a hospital, so the amount of traffic is huge and always changing and the public agrees: it's a great dress. The fit is flattering and the print stands out from other animal print dresses in that it's dark brown, not tan.

The Calvin Klein animal print velvet burnout dress is also great. I have this same style of CK dress in a floral for spring/summer and it's classic, flattering and gets its share of compliments as well. The only reason I didn't keep the velvet version is that we get cold, snowy winters requiring heavy coats and static cling is a real problem. The velvet dress was lovely, but I decided to build my winter dress wardrobe with less static-prone fabrics and styles (more ponte knits and clingy jersey dresses).