The question is when!

Yes, if they're workhorses grab em!
Sadly, the only pair of shoes I've ever gotten from them-my compliment magnet floral sandals-are most certainly long gone

I hadn't heard they were closing, too bad. They used to be great for my kids shoes when they were little, especially when they needed dedicated gym shoes with velcro fastenings. And I have had a few cute pairs from there in my day although I prefer leather whenever possible and hadn't been shopping there in a while. I liked that they had cute styles for good prices. Definitely stock up!

Too bad, I’ll miss it. I liked that they always had some options in wide in all sizes. And I know friends with kids in ballet liked their dye-Abel’s.

Amazon seems to stock some store-brands, I don’t know if it is independent sellers or if it is the retail stores themselves.

Oh wow - yes, for sure, stock up, especially for work!

So how many did you get?

Ok. Confession: I have to try next week. I’m now in Wine Country for FDA training. It’s intense.

Yes, stock up! I bought 5 pairs of the same sneakers last year (in different colors) because they worked so well for me and I was terrified they’d stop making them.