A friend and I went to some outlet stores today. We stopped in at the BCBG Max Azria store, since I'd seen the news about the bankruptcy, and there were really big signs out. I've honestly never been in before, since it's typically a good bit above my touch even at true outlet pricing.

Well... I have no pictures on me, because I'm an idiot (getting really tired at that point), but this dress was a knockout. It fit my curves SO well. And the length is perfect. The colors are richer and so pretty in person, and all of them squarely in my favorite palette. Those "merry mid-tones" that Angie mentioned in her trend report. It's beautifully made, of course, and moves wonderfully.

I didn't get it. I was SO afraid I had sales goggles! Seriously, it was a ridiculously cheap price, far less than on the website. But higher than my "impulse buy" threshold. And bigger problem, I don't actually have an occasion for it in the foreseeable future.

But I can't stop thinking about it! And despite my lack of occasion, I do totally lack a real evening dress. (I have made one from a 1930s pattern, but in solid black and lacking most of the pretty. Besides, I'm using it for choir concerts now and it no longer feels special to wear.) And as far as evening dresses go, I think this is pretty casual; it almost crosses into fancy maxi dress territory. The print, and the lack of lace or shine. So I'm thinking it will be okay for the next opportunity for the symphony or a touring Broadway show, and maybe a wedding. I hope? And when the need will arise (which it will), I am SO particular and hard to fit that the odds of finding something I love like this are slim to none.

It's online only at the main site, and for the regular outlet pricing. There were at least three in my size at the outlet, but I'm already scared it will sell out before I can go back next weekend. I can probably get back there after church tomorrow.