I'm a bag minimalist in that I wear the same bag most days. I do have a special occasion clutch, and a few holdouts from previous seasons that are still in good shape and in colors I love. I wear a cross-body bag most days to free up my hands. I've been considering the Tumi Voyageur Carmel Crossbody in the mink/silver combo for over a year now, reasoning that since I rarely change out bags, it's a nice neutral that will work with most outfits. Then I saw the blush floral version of the same bag. The multiple colors do make it more versatile (IMO) than a single non-neutral color, and I am a color junkie! If I'm going to wear only one bag (at least until fall), should I get the print? Or is that too much color, considering that I very rarely dress entirely in neutral colors? What say you? All opinions/reasons welcome, from scientific to gut reaction!

UPDATE: I got the print cross-body yesterday. I was disappointed: the size was much larger than I wanted, even though I thought I'd checked the measurements with my current cross-body, which is just the size I want. The search continues. The print was nice, though!