I have been trying to find dresses this summer, but without much luck: too pouffy, tiered, too long, etc, etc. However, I have had luck with shorts, which is a great surprise!! Purchased four pairs this year and weeded out three pairs that I was holding on for "camping" even though we don't camp. (What was I thinking?) Out they go! I don't know why finding shorts in the past has been difficult, but this is perhaps the summer of the short! I am pleasantly surprised.

All these shorts are pull-on styles. Perfect for WFH, and then popping out to run errands after work without having to change. They're all practical, can be machine washed, worn on the weekend, and mixed and matched with lots of other colours. I love the bright blue because they're such a great cobalt colour. They almost matched a blazer to make a suit, but it does match a bathing suit so I would like to duplicate the blue so I can pull it over my bathing suit without worrying the chlorine will fade the colour.

The orange, although looking perhaps like a wild card, will be worn many times, because I love orange with blues, teal, black, white, navy, and pinks. The orange will provide a sizzling summer addition to my summer wardrobe. (I'm sure Angie with her love of orange would agree.)

Pale blue, linen, will go with nearly anything. The jean shorts I was going to cut shorter, but I might leave them.

Are there any items that have been pleasant surprises for you this spring or summer?