Has anyone worn, tried, or seen in the wild Lululemon fast and free shorts? Are they 100% opaque, would they work for curvy hips/bum, and how's the sizing (I usually size up to M for gear)?
I tried on similar at Athleta and they were no go's
Basically what I want is somewhere around knee length leggings for summer if anyone has other recs. A pocket for my phone-keys is ideal, in case I want to run outside. I do have some shorter ones, but they ride up, and make me self conscious at yoga

Also hunting cozy black shorts for sleeping, again seeking 100% opaque-something that is ok to go out to the yard and doesn't look like pajamas! I currently have 1 pair of Champion ones that work well, but need a second, and wasn't happy with the current crop (too heavy and odd fit). All others I've seen are too sheer and/or light colors, twee prints. Or have obvious drawstrings-what's up with that?!
I'm also debating skorts as an alternative for both.