So summer finally arrived in Seattle. I'm starting physical therapy and I need shorts. But I'd like to have some cross-over to real-life, such as it is.
There's not a whole lot out there I like, maybe I'm being picky, or maybe the supply chains disruption due to COVID-19 are limiting stock. I'm particularly disappointed in Nordstorm. Athleta is boring.
So I'm considering bike shorts & baggy sweat shorts. They don't need to be hardcore athletic stuff, because my PT is very wimpy
I wanted paper bag waist denim shorts for a while, but I'm not sure I should now due to honestly still not going anywhere. I don't want cut-offs, I have some, but I'm over them.
No finds, as I'm at work.
Here's some things I've found, but it's been hard. Open to suggestions, need size 14-16, XL ish!!12%2C%20L;;14%2C%20XL#fn=SIZE%3DWOMEN_REGULAR_SIZE_T%3A12%2C%20L%7C14%2C%20XL

I like this "outfit"