About a week ago I posted on three dresses that I bought, of which two were very long midi dresses on me (at only 165cm tall, about 10cm shorter than the store models).

I got back my dresses from the seamstress, and also got a dress bought last year but not worn much because I meant to get it shortened and never got around to it. I hope I got the lengths right, because it felt that I may have gone too far in shortening them too much.

I initially tried the dresses on with my work pumps, but to be honest, the midi length and flared skirts with pumps, it felt matronly. Perhaps it is these particular pumps that are the issue...I sort of need to work that one out. When I popped on my boots, they felt more current and the midi dresses more fashionable.

With the pink dress, Janet recommended wearing it with a belt and I got this gold belt to wear with it.

Interested to hear if you think the shortening is an improvement and if I got the lengths right. Of course these dresses will need to be worn this way, but in the future, I can work out the best length for me.

Anchie asked me what toppers I would wear with the midi dresses, so I took a few photos with my new toppers, a coat, a belted blazer and same blazer worn open as a coat and my faux fur jacket.

Photo 1 - black dress with pumps
Photo 2 - python dress with pumps
Photo 3 - close up of python dress print
Photo 4 - black dress with knee high suede boots
Photo 5 - python dress with cream boots
Photo 6 - flamingo dress (with belt) and cream boots
Photo 7- flamingo dress close up (with belt)
Photo 8 - flamingo dress with blue coat
Photo 9 - flamingo dress with stars jacket open
Photo 10 - flamingo dress with stars jacket belted
Photo 11 - flamingo dress with leopard faux fur

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