As much as I would like to be shopping for winter date night clothes, the truth is I have enough for my upcoming opportunities to wear them. This winter I am trying to act like a big girl by putting budget toward fixing the stuff that I really wear every day.

1) The biggest winter expense so far has been a new dog-walking barn coat. I'll probably wear it 1.5-2 hours per day. It's warm and completely functional for then next 120-150 days that I am home. It's just not the city winter coat I wanted. But my schedule looks like I won't spend 2 weeks away this winter, and some of that might be in warmer places.

2) If I am going to be a big girl in a farm coat, at least I can upgrade my hat/mittens/etc, right? Before YLF, I bought strictly for function and price, and I hang onto this stuff forever. The outcome is a mismatched set of stuff that does not make me happy and I need it multiple times every day. So the next chunk of change is going into upgrades that I like better and go with my palette. (BTW finding a wind-blocking head band without a logo centered like a bullseye in the forehead is a chore.)

3) More boring but necessary purchases are going to preempt the budget for city pretties. Tops to fix is my daily wear Keen booties that shrank (how can that be?) I'd much rather get some cobalt smoking slippers.

4) I need to find a hairstyle that can be cut by local talent. My hair is difficult to cut, my trust level is low with new stylists, and most of the haircuts I see around the village make me wonder if the only beauty magazines available are the decades-old issues in the community clinic waiting room. But the truth is, I'm not going to town often enough to maintain my cut and that really drags down the fab factor.

5) If I'm going to hunker down on the farm all winter, I'm making a cozy evening capsule for the first time, and that needs a big think. DH hates my preferred fleecy pants but I get cold in tight leggings. I'm watching the loungewear threads for inspiration. I might even live dangerously and get another pair of slippers.

Choosing to be grateful for having enough, while admiring all the impractical-for-me pretties that pass by in the Finds. And trying hard to make better, fab-inducing choices for every day. What's been your big-girl choice lately?