Hi there, just updating my Finds this a.m. and am really pleased to note that it's been a workhorse-heavy year so far! Not that this has to be the goal for every piece, but generally speaking it makes me very happy to find that purchases are being frequently worn.

My "colour" this year is "black & white" and it has unintentionally played out in my purchases - but there is also a nice pop of bright pink in the mix too.

I had a goal of adding some winter sweaters and thin underlayers since I habitually neglect the 'deep winter' portion of my wardrobe, and I think I've achieved it, having added several sweaters which layer nicely over thin base layers since last early fall (so no more of those needed for a while).

As we move towards later winter/early spring, I will have to assess my warm weather clothing needs for an upcoming vacation (yay!), especially a bathing suit (I have my eye on the Athleta two pieces, which are modestly cut which I really like in a two piece). No other major 'needs' on my radar at the moment, but open to organized-emotional finds

Posting for reflection and accountability; feedback welcome as always, thanks for reading