I feel like I've been shopping like crazy recently. March is going to be busy and then we'll be traveling for most of April, so anything I'll need in the next few months, I need to get it in February. Some of these things have arrived and are keepers, some have been sent back, and some haven't yet arrived, but I felt like I wanted to post before the end of the month because there's just so much compared to my normal levels of shopping.

Going in the approximate order of the Finds below:

1. I bought the rust-orange small duffel to use as a personal item on flights, It has a padded compartment for my laptop, tons of pockets, and a sleeve to slide over a carry-on handle. The bag came with a black crossbody strap, but I replaced it with the guitar strap in Finds. The colors are a perfect match!

2. The Rothy's Mary Janes took two tries. I went a half-size up on my first order, returned those, and ordered another half-size up (a full size up from my normal). I just got them today and they're really comfy!

3. Two sweatshirt shrugs both went back. The brown one from Athleta turned out to be a very different color in person. The black one from pact just wasn't flattering And, in all honesty, the quality was disappointing compared to the Athleta.
The black sweatshirt from Jamie + the Jones is my Plan C.  I've been low-key eyeing their sweatshirts for a few years now, so I'm excited to get my hands on it.  Their clothing is made to order so I'm still waiting for it to arrive.

4. I had to retire my white skater sneakers because I was getting back pain every time I wore them. I ordered the Vans in Finds because the colors just look SO GOOD. I hope they match the online images when they arrive.

5. My favorite wide-leg jeans are developing a hole in the crotch.  Not good. I'm hoping the pair from Universal Standard work as a replacement. If not, I only have a limited amount of time to hunt down another option.

6. A 3-pack of black tanks from pact, repping for the basics. I wear these as base layers and for sleeping.

7. It hasn't arrived yet, but I have high hopes for this weighted eye pillow. Only tangentially clothing related but I know we’ve discussed sleep masks in the past.