Hi all, was just updating my Finds and thought I'd do a quick check in on my shopping this year. I really wanted to lean into my neutral and essential style, focus on refreshing silhouettes, and avoid overly planning my shopping; rather I wanted to be led primarily by my own instincts. So far, I am feeling pretty good! Here's what I've bought:

- 13 items total, including clothing, accessories, shoes and gear. There is always the chance I've missed an item, so apologies if so, but I think this is pretty accurate (my Finds shows 12 and is missing one item).

- 3 pairs of shoes: Blondo boots, which are already workhorses, heeled sock boots which filled a wardrobe hole for a dressy cold weather shoe (won't get loads of wear but fills a need), new Birkies for summer, a sure-to-be workhorse

- 2 accessories: a black belt and a 2-pack of sunnies from Amazon (only needed 1 but they can as 2; one will stay in the car)

- 2 gear pieces: black flare yoga pants and bright blue sweatshirt (both frequently worn for my morning walks and lounging)

- 5 tops: a striped quarter zip sweater, greige sweater and charcoal turtleneck that have all been workhorses, a white linen shirt (new, not yet worn), and a black blouse (worn several times)

- 1 pants: loose straight jeans, workhorses thus far and I anticipate wearing them alot through spring and cooler summer days

Feeling fairly good about my wardrobe right not and not feeling overly compelled to shop. I do have an event to shop for and that will be my focus for the remainder of May!

How's your shopping year going so far? Are you finding what you're looking for? Having good or back luck? (pictures - a few of the pieces in action )

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