Hi all, just was updating my Finds and thought I'd revisit my purchases for 2021, so I'm not in shock when I do the final assessment around the new year!

As I anticipated, the numbers are high-for-me, at about 43 fashion-related purchases (give or take, as I'm not meticulous, especially with accessories - including jammies, gear, accessories, clothing, and outerwear). The reason I expected higher number is because my wardrobe is finally catching up to the shift in proportions and shapes that's taken place the last few years (e.g. wider jeans), and additionally, I knew I'd have to replace a number of winter tops because I am suddenly finding wool very itchy, and additionally some items were just not fitting as they should.

It broke out approximately as follows:

- 2 jammies
- 13 tops
- 5 athleisure/gear pieces
- 6 bottoms, including shorts
- 2 jewellery accessories
- 5 pairs of shoes
- 2 other accessories
- 3 toppers/layers
- 5 utter fail tops (they get their own bucket at the bottom ha)

The colour palette has been very cohesive, with lots of neutrals and touches of burgundy, soft pink and light-to-medium blue.

If I was going to criticize myself I'd say 13 new successful tops is still more than is quite necessary - but it's done and they are almost all workhorse material, so hopefully this will balance itself out next year.

Overall, I feel good about it all, even though the number makes me squirm a little. Almost all of these purchases are very classic/essential-for-me and I don't think will be quick to date. They are mix and matchable, lifestyle appropriate, comfortable, and practical. As usual, I am frugal (some might same cheap!) with my wardrobe and I'm ok with that so budgetarily it's all good.

To finish the year, the only thing I feel like I might want is a festive skirt, something pleated or satin or black & white print... but this is a definite "if I see something I love" thing, vs. something I will be on the hunt for.

Thanks for reading if you made it through! xx