I just got back from a frankly-tiring 2-day trip to Paris during my London business trip. Lots of shopping (and eating!), even more walking.

In retrospect, I didn't bring or desire to purchase the kind of shoe that would stand up to this much walking... which is pretty much only sneakers with socks, for me. I don't want to look like a tourist in sneakers (they'd have to be the athletic-looking kind to be more effective than supportive Euro sandals) and anyway it was swelteringly hot both days.

What I did purchase:
- A replacement Longchamp tote bag in the new seasonal magenta color, rather than their classic purple. It's a lot more pink than I usually go for. The color makes my face "pop", which is why I chose it.... but flattery is less important in a bag than in clothes, so I kind of wish I'd gone with the safe dark purple option. We'll see if this wild card turns out to be a good or bad gut decision.
- Two pairs of new shoes, one per day! First some rainbow Toni Pons nearly-flat espadrilles, which I love and were pretty affordable (35 euros), although they're not really all-day city walking shoes.
- Then a pair of "practical Euro chic" red sandals by Zapotan -- I was drawn to the supportive footbed and perhaps overlooked the leather break-in period. These are actually the first velcro-strapped sandals that I own, having tried on many.... it's a common European comfort design but not well-suited to low-volume feet. I managed to make these work, barely.

What do y'all think? Am I shopping with "tourist blinders" on, or are these useful wildcards?