I have finished my wardrobe audit for now. I may audit my accessories, jewellery and bags later. I have already done some shopping so I need to do my shopping list to keep ahead of myself.
While doing the wardrobe audit it became clear to me that I have evolved into a certain style of dressing. I will do another post on that. The short version is that I tend to dress in the same silhouette and use accessories, jewellery and bags to create interest. Think Jennifer Aniston. I am very comfortable with this style of dressing and plan to continue with this.

I am also not auditing my gear or yoga clothes. That is not terribly interesting to me. I am shopping for yoga clothes in Montreal (Lululemon, Lole and some independent Quebec stores).

Shopping List 2016 - 2017 Part One (Cooler Weather)
I may not be able to find all these items and that is okay

1/ Down vest or furry vest in earth tone
2/ Spring and Autumn coat to replace my olive green fuzzy coat that is really not appropriate to wear in public anymore - needs to have good pockets for dog treats and dog bags, etc.
3/ Cardigan
4/ Footwear for Autumn and Spring
5/ Footwear for Winter - Snowboots (my Sorels could make another year)
6/ Footwear for Winter - Walking - to replace winter hiking boots - I am curious about winter Blundstones - several people in Muskoka have them and give amazing reviews. They get great reviews online. They also fit with my style.
7/ Long sleeved T shirts - a couple of mine were wearing out
8/ Corduroy Jeans
9/ Paisley Scarf
10/ New Bag in Chocolate Brown
11/ Chocolate Brown gloves

Shopping Successes to Date
I already have found some of the above items

3/ Cardigan - I was in the Toronto area and found a cashmere cardigan in a copper colour that I liked at Ann Taylor. See Finds
4/ Footwear for Autumn - I found these shoes and so far they are reasonable comfortable. They are in black. I would have loved them in the burgundy colour but they are not available here in that colour. See Finds
7/ I have bought 2 Ts..One is a cognac Henley from Roots and the other is dark brown scoop neck from Marks Work Warehouse. So far they have been great.


I found a pair of snowboots that are comfortable and tick all the boxes. Yeah! They are Clarks which I have had good luck with in the past. I put them in finds. They get great reviews. I bought them at our local shoe stores which has a small but good selection of footwear.

5/ Snowboots