I haven't shopped in almost 3 months (GASP! a record for me).

Here are my (disorganized) thoughts, just wanted to get them down and share them in case anyone feels similarly.

I'm still on an evolution of style. I have WAY too many traditional (fitted) cotton t-shirts - short sleeve (too short, so only used for layering), 3/4 length (most useful) and long sleeved (some are being relegated to loungewear as we speak). ACTION: Try to find a couple of pieces of higher quality knitwear with drape and move nearly all of these to the loungewear capsule, at least for F/W. Like the idea of a plaid shirt but my wovens don't get a lot of love, always feel restricted for some reason. Explore this? Tread carefully with welts and sweatshirt fabrications.

Need more light/midweight jackets. Washable is key due to WFH/MOTG lifestyle. Waterproof/resistant and hip length nice to have. ACTION: go back to BR and check out the Field Jacket (finds), scour mall for other choices. Trick is to find time to do this. Careful with fit, not too fitted.

Need a pair of shoes that fits the following: flat to 1.5" heel (all day walking shoe), black or cognac, high vamp (bootie preferred OR a cognac Josef Siebel sassy sneaker would work, double check pants/hems). Noticing that I have lots of ballet flats but once weather has cooled they're not working so well for me. Only have one flat bootie and they are perforated with cutouts, so not suitable for anything but dry mild temp days. Perhaps need black AND cognac though sometimes I'm not a fan of black high vamp shoes on myself. Need more pondering. ACTION: think about color and how it will mix with wardrobe items as well as style and hem length (sneak vs bootie).

Need to organize closet to be more functional. CULL! Arrange! ACTION: Make time to reorganize closet and cull things not getting wear. Let it go...as Elsa says

Drawn to blazers but I have quite a few. Try to be smart if I add any here. ACTION: be more self-aware while shopping (been doing way better with this, we'll see once I hit the mall, haha). Tend to go for shorter, fitted blazers but make sure I have topper(s) and jackets that work with the more fluid knits I intend to buy.

Wildcard: try on softer toppers like a poncho or longer sweater jacket. Historically haven't liked these due to my love for structure in a topper, but may be possible to find just the right one. WFH calls for more cozy items anyway, so ACTION: be open minded.

Shopping: have done a great job of holding off, sitting through the uncomfort of the wantsies. Be smart when you do buy. ACTION: Buy for the life I have, not an imaginary one. Watch out with welts and fabric weight (explore lightweight and drape). Try not to get overwhelmed by not knowing the local market. Take your time and explore before buying, even if it means making several trips. Return policies don't exist here so be sure before you buy. Do we even have JCrew? I don't think so. BR and Massimo Dutti, yes. Dept stores too.

Thanks for reading and any input is appreciated!