You have had lots of great advice. I was going to suggest a stylist and since you are going to be in Seattle.....

I think pants are difficult and I almost think that companies have lost the skills in how to make them. Three pairs will get you through the week in the short term - you can add interest with scarves or blouses or footwear.

Toban and Sterling had posts about similar situations that may be with hunting down too.

Same boat, though mine is weight fluctuations, not loss. Ponte is my friend this year, and so are skirts and dresses! I know it doesn't help the immediate issue, but wondering if a big once a year shop is better, as far as getting colors you want. Right now my colors are in season, and there's winter and summer appropriate things in those colors. In March or so, you should see the same with your spring colors.

I'm sorry to hear that you're having such a difficult time doing what should be a fun activity! It can be really hard when what you're looking for just isn't there.

I too think it's a bear to find pants that fit. I'm struggling even with jeans, and I think pants are worse. So I can sure offer some empathy.

It might be helpful to take some measurements so that you can get an idea of what types of bottoms will work for you. For instance, I don't look super hourglassy from the front, but I do from the side, and I have a ten-inch difference between my waist and hips. That means that most pants don't fit me, because they don't have that big of a difference between waist and hips. I go for fits labeled "curvy" here, or for fabrics that are described by the retailer as super stretchy. That helps me a lot to pinpoint items that have a high chance of working for me, especially when retailers offer measurements on their website.

I would be patient with yourself and do what you can for now, even if it means having only a few outfits for work. You don't want to compromise. Keep shopping about, because that will give you more information about fabrics, patterns, and styles that you like or don't like. But I hear you on how tiring it can be.

There is so much great advice on this thread. I do like the idea of your going to one or two shops and trying on more items - you don't yet know how everything will look on you at this weight. And shopping with Angie is the ideal solution of course!

I know this frustration. Oh, do I know it. It can take so long to rebuild. Tbh, I’d duplicate the navy to have four pairs, which is more liveable while the search continues...

Congratulations on making it to target weight! That's a big accomplishment (one that I am totally struggling with) and I'm proud of you!

I totally get it. I think you could probably get by for a bit (even though 3 pairs isn't much) by having a full roster of tops/blouses. People notice the tops more than the pants (I forget where I read that), so having a wide variety of tops and toppers could save you from looking repetitive. Also, scarves can make something look really different, and shoes & bags help change the look up too.

Most people are so worried about what we think of THEIR outfits or hair or whatever, that they don't notice that we only have 3 pairs of pants to go with our full rotation of tops and toppers.

I was thinking some more what to do and I think that maybe I should try to get by with what I have for now and save money for shopping in Seattle. It is only 6 weeks away. I could do some kind of challenge for myself to make dressing in this period more creative and fun. For example how to wear my 5 new items differently every week.
Black pants are not new, they are actually 12 years old, but never been worn - I got pregnant the same month I bought them and I never got to wear them. Kept them more for sentimental reasons, not really thinking that they will fit again

Anchie, I empathize. Pants are the hardest things to fit with weight change. After I lost a bunch of weight, pants tended to bag in back horribly. Alterations did not help. I still have not replaced most pants because of fit problems. Most success was in heavy knit Ponte pants. I found some at Chico’s that fit in the smallest size then and bought 3 pair in different dark neutrals. Another pant that worked was Eileen Fisher Ponte and her signature fabric. The extra fabric seems to fall back against the body and not look baggy. My favorite were lantern style.
If you try alterations, find an excellent tailor that alters men’s pants, they seem to understand pant problems more. Ask the SA’s at Nordstrom or The Rack if any alterations people there can do the job. Then ask for that alterations person by name and get an appointment.