I know I mentioned all this already on couple of other threads but my frustration is building up and I need to vent
I am going through very unsuccessful wardrobe rebuild process and need your wisdom, commiseration and encouragement.
I lost about 15 kg since beginning of the year, which is more than 30 pounds and it is about 2-3 sizes on my frame, depending on the fit.
Spring and summer I was still in transition phase and I managed it somehow by pulling items from holding zone, wearing skirts and dresses that were more accommodating to weight changes and getting few cheap items from Zara and likes to get me through.
But now that fall and winter season is approaching and I am finally at my target weight I am in dire need of new wardrobe. I am down to 3 pairs of pants - navy (part of a suit) and plaid that I bought recently and an ancient black pair from holding zone. No winter skirts to speak of, and maybe one dress. I haven’t assessed my winter blazers yet, since temperatures are here still in 20C and I am still wearing my summer blazers. Sweaters are sort of ok - they don’t fit that great around shoulders and under arms but since I used them for layering that would have to do for now, not a priority.
I concentrated on bottoms, got 2 pairs of jeans and started looking for a pants. And that is how my frustration started. I am online shopper and first I tried my usual route - but it was disaster. I could not get it right- sizes were wrong, cuts were wrong, I didn’t like color or material in real life. I did keep one pair - the plaid micro check even though the color was not perfect. I started feeling guilty for all this waste from my order and return cycles, and decided to try shopping in B&M stores. Well, for a month now I have been spending every Saturday shopping which I haven’t done in years (small kids and different priorities). I even checked shops on work days when I had errands close by. And it was so unsuccessful, I just don’t understand what I am doing wrong. I have been walking among racks and dismissing everything based on color, feel of material or shape on a hanger. In all this time I maybe tried 5 pairs of pants. I remember only 4 but it could have been fifth somewhere. And I didn’t buy any of them. Now I feel defeated and don’t want to go back to shops any time soon. What to do next? Not sure how many outfits I can make with this 3 pairs of pants and if I have any blazers that go well with them (well except the new navy suit). Maybe that would be the way to go, just have few outfits ready from what I already have? It will probably get very repetitive very quickly though.
Thanks to all who managed to read to the end and apologize for being so long winded.