Good luck with your hunt Angie! I wonder if I would be less of a second hand shopper if I had free shipping and returns. On the other hand, that would go for second hand shops too. I need to dig out my white jeans, I have been all about black this winter.

Thanks for the heads up. This is one time when being fashionably late might mean missing the party altogether. 1-800-time-to-order.

Haha, took note of the verb "dawdle".

I am keeping my eyes open for white jeans ( I do not shop online). Be sure that if I find the right pair I will pounce on them!

You're amusing, ladies.

Sorry to be brief - off to Portland for the weekend in a bit. Going to a fab wedding. Lots of wedding activities....

Donna F, YES. NYDJ's do thick fabric too. Dead right.

Firecracker and Dianna, thanks for the suggestions. You are fab.

mntsofthemoon, try these fits: Loft, NYDJs, AG, Talbots, KUT

I am looking forward to wearing my new white jeans that you recommended two years ago which I found on ebay. They are everything you said they were - elegant, lengthening, non-sheer, and make me feel like a Charlie's Angel, in a good way.

But first I must practice my sideways shimmy through the perils of our winter-packed garage, avoiding the Scylla of the overflowing firewood and the Charybdis of the mud encrusted car (which I can't wash until ski season is over because of the roof box - and it would only last a day anyway).

I'm so not ready to even think about spring! I know I want white jeans, but I don't know what style, so I think I will go to the stores and try on blue denim to get a feel for what I want and then order white. I bought some JBrand white skinnies a long time ago. They fit so well but were soooo sheer I had to return them. I did have some JCrew white jeans, but I got a spot on them relatively quickly, lol!

Angie, have fun at the wedding! I have one coming up for my niece in June...can't wait!

Thanks Angie! I will try and find some time to hunt them down. Enjoy the weekend festivities. Karen13 I remember those jeans and am now kicking myself for not giving them a try!

The maxwell jeans looks interesting, but they don't look white in the picture? Also, I personally would not pay that much $$ for anything that looks like you cut the bottoms off of. Just me. I like lisap can usually find them on sale, so no hurry for me. I am a true bargin shopper.

Oh, karen13, it sounds like you need to hire a car to drive you somewhere in your pretty white jeans! Avoid the garage!

I afraid my husband will have me committed if I get another pair of white jeans. I've probably got in the neighborhood of 8 pair that all fit me nice. I might try to DIY a fun hem on one of them, though. I believe you posted this pic and I'm thinking I have a pair I could do that to.

mtnsofthemoon - look for them on ebay. Some sellers offer returns, so you would just be out shipping. I sized up one size from my typical Kut pant size.

Firecracker - if it isn't the garage, it will be something else - I do not have Angie's superpower of keeping white jeans clean.

KAREN13--thanks for the laugh! I love how you write about the perils of the garage!

I've had "placeholder" white denim capris which no longer make me look or feel fab. I hope to replace them this year. Thanks for the reminder to start early.

I like the look of those Madewell jeans. I've been keeping an eye out for the perfect white(ish) jeans for my look - I have a very specific idea, but the jeans with the right fabric haven't fit, and vice versa. It's a low priority for me so I don't want to get into the online ordering frenzy (I did so much of that for interview clothes) but this is a great reminder that I should look in the shops now that resort/spring clothes are appearing.

There is less of a chance of me wearing a pair of white denims than an evil cowlneck ! **shakes fist in rage**

I recently found an amazing pair of white denim from the brand AND.
You can find this on Fynd - an amazing place to shop online. I personally love this website.

Love online shopping!

I get more than 90% of all my clothes and shoes online. I just return what doesn't work.

Amazon may be part of the Evil Empire, but they've really made other retailers up their game!

As for white jeans, I gave those up 2 years ago when one of my daughters left a peanut butter stain on the back of my white pants that I didn't realize was there until lunchtime!