GET YOUR WHITE JEANS SHOPPING GOING ASAP, if the item is on your shopping list. Don't dawdle

I placed my white jeans orders yesterday, and two of the styles are already sold out in my size. The other a delayed shipment till end of March. And it's JANUARY. See Finds for what I eventually ordered. I'm didn't bother with the delayed shipment from Madewell. I just want one more pair of trendy but simple white jeans - so hopefully Nordies will sort me out. I've put the rest of my money into other denim styles, which I've committed to already. More on that later.

Online shopping has changed - and continues to change - the world of retail. It's mind blowing how much MORE there is online. There is SO much Spring 2018 available online already, (and I've been a maniac about ordering it in because early Spring shopping is my FAVOURITE, and since the shipping is free......why not). I'm also seeing a lot of Spring merchandise in stores. There was zero Resort in Dec, but Spring collections are surfacing earlier. New retail strategy I guess.

The Canadians have my sympathy. We have a much easier and more affordable time ordering online in the US. I don't know where this is all going, but my word, shopping habits are all over the place. Maybe that's the point! A good thing that all bases and habits are covered.

Sorry to run - busy day. xo