I have learned so much already since joining YLF. We all know about dressing the body we have, but a new idea for me, was shopping for my dominant (geographical) season. Now I have a new quest: shopping for the life I lead.

In the past, I have been drawn to clothing items that aren't very functional for me. Maybe because I haunt a lot of thrift stores, and look for the items that are in the best condition, or represent the "best value". For example, career wear or dress pumps or even evening wear. I am a SAHM with few occasions to wear these things, so perhaps I have a latent longing for a different life!

I recently received some good advice here to get out and shop the clearance sales for my dominant season (summer) even though I love fall clothes-- I have a disproportionate amount of them in my closet. Armed with a Visa gift card and a store credit, I set out last week to shop my socks off for the body I have, my dominant season AND the life I lead (uber-casual summer MOTG clothes). I'm so pleased with the haul I got--and it was actually fun giving myself parameters like this. WIWs to come!

Do any of you have the same problem? Do you shop for a different life than the one you lead?