In February/March, I did a lot of shopping for pants. I tried on tens of pants. I kept three. My success rate was poor for the amount of work I put into the project. The good news is that I am thrilled with my three pair of pants. I feel pleasure every time I wear them.

It is now April/May and I am shopping summer shoes. Based on my experience earlier this year, I anticipated having a lot of trouble finding anything that fit or that I liked.

That has not been the case. Every single pair of shoes I ordered has fit perfectly. The most extraordinary luck ever.

My goal is to refresh and expand my shoe collection. But I intend to keep only pair in each category. Let me give a couple of examples.

I found both of these nav-ish shoes (Allbirds and Propet). Both fit GREAT. The color is exactly the same in day light. I am so torn. I am leaning toward the Allbirds because they have less of a sporty vive to them. I could rationalize keeping both, but I am moving from "duplication" to "category growth and expansion."

That brings me to the two mules in black. I genuinely love them both. The fit is great. I am leaning toward the Naturalizer because they are dressier, but make no mistake, I think the Born are dressy too ... only in a different way. I am tempted to duplicate because the Born are FUN.

That brings us to the Taryn Rose shoes which are like heavenly little clouds on my feet. If I keep both the black mules, do I need the blue suede shoes? The blue suede would constituent an expansion of my shoe wardrobe. The Borns would be a type of duplication (but so damn FUN).

I only go to the office three to four days a week now. I wear either sneakers or Vionic flip flops on telework days/weekends. I might wear the Born on those days.

This post reads like I am making a case to keep the Borns ..... That was not my intent. Yet. I see the word "Born" in nearly every paragraph. Perhaps I am wondering if I need the Naturalizer? Those would be a good solid work shoe. I would get a lot of wear out of them.

Someone help, please.