Do you think you lost too much? That's my experience. When I lose, it doesn't just stop where it should. But- then I rebalance and settle back to comfortable 4 or 6.

suntiger, that is what happened to me too, I didn’t plan or want to lose this much but I could not stop it. My BMI went down below 20 which I don’t think is that healthy for my age (50). I hope that I will rebalance and stabilize eventually.

I wouldn't pass the things on yet then. Put them in HZ for now. I'm not sure how long it took for me to rebalance, cause it was years ago- but the weight loss did stop at the 2. Luckily, cause I was like a sunken in little bird But- equally easy for me to go the other way...I envy the stabile weight people!

Oh, I know, I do too. For the last almost 15 years I never managed to be the same size for more than couple of months, sometimes not even the whole season.