As many of you, I also wanted to limit the number of items I get this year. I set my numbers at 3-4 per month which is fairly high and I managed to miserably fail anyway. So at the mid year mark it is time to confess. I really needed some essentials and neutrals, mostly for work, but had difficulties sticking to the plan and got easily seduced by colorful and fun items. I didn’t do well in footwear and dress department. Footwear was an issue for me for months. I tried numerous pairs but none of those were working with my custom orthotics. Eventually my foot issue got resolved and I just recently managed to start wearing my normal shoes again. Dresses - well, nothing is speaking to me and I gave up on them for now, but may resume my search in the fall. I also made few mistakes. I wanted to loose some weight this year, but didn’t believe that I will be successful and whenever I was between sizes I always went for the bigger which turned out to be mistake. Well, knowing myself and history of my weight fluctuations- it will probably fit me fine next year
You can see in finds everything I bought this year. And I am not even including things that I ordered in December and received in January before committing to this challenge.
I will try to do better in the second half of year, but my trip to Seattle in November will be another temptation. Maybe I can count this towards next year