My shopping challenge for 2019 is to adhere to a budget of 5-6% of income. My closet was in a very good place after the big purge in October 2018. To help me stay on track going into 2019, I created a list of what would get me through the last of winter and into spring/summer.

Plaid blanket scarf
Highrise jeans (bootcut?)
Running shoes
Sandals (cognac/strappy)
2-3 sundresses
White shorts
Hat(s) for sun protection

January and February passed without any purchases. I never found a blanket scarf, and broke my shopping fast in March when I stumbled upon a pair of olive chinos-better than jeans. Picked up the running shoes and a pair of running tights. April I thrifted 2 sundresses, a pair of cropped beige chinos, a silky scarf, and bought 2 (new) hats. May I bought a bra and navy exercise top. Yesterday I added sandals, and a pair of olive leather sneakers.

The sandals aren't as refined as I was aiming for, but I fell in love with them anyway (wildcard?). Also, I was thinking about what I would like for the next half of the year and decided building up my olive capsule would be a good idea. Olive sneakers were the only specific item I identified. The rest of the capsule is still abstract!

So, I am still under budget (have spent 70% of 5 month allowance) and going forward this is my (revised) list:

1 sundress (?)
White shorts
Utility coat/topper
2x long sleeve t-shirts (striped? Olive?)
Olive turtleneck sweater (F/W)
Build up olive capsule and consider large dark florals featuring olive/green

Insight: I enjoy the thrill of the hunt, and THRIFT shopping is a real challenge when adhering to a list. You have to be prepared to walk away. However, staying on track can be fiscally rewarding, and you can sometimes find real treasure (or a HEWI!)

And, take-away from recent forum threads - it is as important to itemize what is being edited and why, as keeping track of new purchases and cost.

#1 olive leather sneakers - Josef Siebel - Caren
#2 cognac and navy sandals - Spring Step L'Artiste - Leigh

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