My husband and I spent a lovely afternoon and evening with Staysfit, exploring her favorite shoe store and a couple nearby boutiques followed by supper at a hip and delicious pizza place. Staysfit connected the dots between my triathlon plans and her city’s triathlon and realized they were the same one and made a very warm and special offer to meet up. What a privilege for us and what an amazing example of the strength of this YLF community to look out for one another. It was both our first YLF meet up! Yet we easily settled into conversation as if we’d known each other for ages and dragged my husband around as we made spontaneous plans.

I scored beautiful Naots bright plum flat-ish sandals and Staysfit scored some lovely items that I suspect she’ll share with YLF. I’ll especially remember the beautiful necklace she found that she simply couldn’t take off once she put it on. She wore it out of the store. Given my love of necklaces, I understood completely! We both share an aversion to black (on ourselves) and gravitated to colorful items.

Thank you, Staysfit!