It's been a while and seems a good time for a round-up post of late spring and early summer shopping and dressing.

As usual, I keep track of all my purchases in Finds. Here are the latest:

July (so far):

I continue reliably refreshing items in my white and camel collections, while collecting a few more distinctive pieces to my "other colors" and jewelry collections, including some lovely vintage gold hoops around my birthday and a very special green suit from Veronica Beard in March. Two other favorite purchases that haven't yet any wear yet are a white linen blazer from Ann Taylor (ready for end-of-summer in-person meetings: the version I have actually has scrunched sleeves) and stacked sandals from M. Gemi (waiting for high summer dinners out).

A few things that I've been wearing regularly and happily are:

1) Massimo Dutti wide leg cropped jeans (lemminged from Irina), which really elevate a half-tucked tee or tank top
2) Old Navy cotton blouson top in black (inspired by Helena), which is great to throw on with jeans or shorts
3) Square-toe Sam Edelman flats in cognac, which I like so much I've just duped
4) An oldie-but-goodie Gucci tote that I reserve for summer months

My style continues to be neutral, classic, and "softly utilitarian." Aside from the black top I mentioned here, Angie and others may be interested to know that I've otherwise bought basically no black in 2021 and have really leaned into other neutrals. A big change!

I'm still looking for a couple more button-down shoulder-covering tops that can be half-tucked for high summer. I'm set for footwear and outwear for fall but may look for a heavier version of my beloved Theory trench for next winter (though probably not in black!). And I'll keep adding to my gear and activewear: looking forward to a running shoe refresh after having added a great pair of trail runner last month.

Thanks for reading. What have you been wearing/buying lately?