So I got the order from ShopBop earlier this week. Just in time to not be able to go out and wear it (yay COVID-19!)
The silver tote bag, though I wish it had more interior pockets. Time for a bag within a bag
Rag & Bone snakeskin top, which is good, because it was non-refundable.
Citizen of Humanity jeans. Figured out why they were so so expensive. They're made out of organic cotton, had a special tag. You'd think they flag that in the description. Anyways I got a size 33, I honestly wasn't sure it'd fit in the waist, but they do.
Loser, major loser:
The ALC top in white. One of the reviews said their white fabric in general wasn't good, and she was right. The cotton is thin. The XL probably works for someone in the US 12-14 range, I'm a US 16 up top. It fits, but in a very fitted way. It showed all the lumps of my nude lace bra.
And honestly for $150, it's not that special a style. I'm sure I can find a puff sleeve shirt for much less and better quality.
Maybe the black is better, but I doubt it.
Also got these sneakers on supersale from ShopBop, but haven't had a chance to try them on