I've had an awful time sourcing a summer shoe to wear to work with my two main work bottom staples. I wear narrow bootcuts and a couple of midi skirts day in and day out at work and I cannot for the life of me find summer shoes (other than a variety of sneakers) that work for me and the clothes. Heels are mostly out at work, I stand sometimes 10 hrs a day, and the shoes need to be stable. Yet, I can't find a style I like (sandal or otherwise) that is more open than a sneaker that I like with both my bootcuts and skirts.

Sandals seem really seasonally confused with my bootcuts (perhaps because they aren't as substantial, esp. with no heels) but many of the styles I like with bootcuts look heavy and stumpifying with the skirts. I would rather have a pair of flats and a pair of sandals than a pair of "skirt sandals" and a pair of "pants sandals" but I'm striking out.

Any thoughts?