Hello from "sunny" Florida,
Our family enjoys a change of climate since it's hot here most of the time. Our vacation is the last week of June for Scotland - Edinburgh, Glencoe, Ft William, Glenfinnan Viaduct, Skye and then on to London for a week with a 5:00 am sunrise visit to Stonehenge.

Here are my questions: Should I take a waterproof hiking trainer/sneaker like Adidas Terrex Goretex or will an everyday (not waterproof) trainer/sneaker like Nike or New Balance be okay? Considering the rain we have in Florida I don't have proper raingear. I don't have proper anything. (see below)

For Edinburgh/London should I bring a light colored maybe waterproof bootie (like Blondo) with a little heel to dress up with blue or white jeans? I also plan to bring a white leather tennis shoe like Cole Haan.
I'll try to add the finds soon.

I was so pleased to find this forum because there are so many like-minded people here! Don't know how to express myself. Too many thoughts. Very disorganized. Sorry! LOL

Some background info:
Thank you all for the posts that have encouraged me to keep trying to find clothes that make me feel good about myself again!

I go out for errands or dinner in the same pair of white or blue jeans and tori burch flip flops- I'm SAHM and want to get back to work (that's for another time
Or old shorts (around the house only never never never in public) that are too old and too big because I bought the larger size so they'd hang a little lower.

We take a vacation every 2-3 years and thats when i discover i haven't gotten anything new since the last vacation. I've spent the last two months buying and returning everything. It's embarrassing.

Also, don't have the raincoat yet. My hubby likes white Helly Hansen jackets (me too since we live in Florida - i also like black, navy or grey so tough to choose) so I'm going to try to make that happen. It's nice when your husband thinks you look nice.

Finally I've found a great selection of clothes that I like (wow there is so much choice out there - it's paralyzing!) and as soon as I figure out the shoe situation I can choose what to pack!

OK here goes. It's taken me a while to get the courage to post this!