I bought a bag at Nordstrom yesterday; pretty sure I am going to keep it. Thank you to everyone who commented on the purchase - I appreciate your points of view so much!
But what is so, so interesting to me is how many of you asked about my footwear or said the bag would be good "with the right footwear."
Here's the thing: I NEVER consider my footwear when I grab a
handbag. As I said, I have been using my navy Tory Burch bag pretty
much nonstop for more than two years, regardless of what is on my feet. I
never even think about it.
If anything, if I chose a bag I think about the occasion or the outfit. If shopping heavily, I might grab a crossbody for better functionality. If a dressy event, a clutch. Otherwise, I am going for my Tory. Now. I am pretty monogamous bag-wise and not matchy-matchy. But I wonder: am I the only one who doesn't think AT ALL about bags and shoes and how they interact?
To my way of thinking (and the SA and I talked about this), this new bag is going to be very versatile in terms of color: I can see it with pale colors like washed denim but also strong tones like navy, black, white, and red. I love that it is both casual and luxe in both color and feel. Thinking about my shoes, I think it will fab with black, my red ballet flats, my tan suede high-tops, my Freebirds, my olive suede lace-ups, with my navy wedges .... really, the only thing it might not work with is bright jewel tones.

Anyway, your comments all got me to wondering .... am I really the odd girl out here? And, is it just because I only have (and want to have) a couple of purses?