My son’s graduation is coming up: I need to decide what to wear. Front-runners (pix 7-12) are a favorite from when I was his age and the one I wore to his school induction (Einschulung) into first grade. I have plenty more to choose from though, so if these seem unsuitable, please say so.

The graduation will be outside at 4:30 in the afternoon, with food served at 6. It is a private international school. Classmates’ parents include embassy employees of two countries (they might be the ambassadors—when my son gets a ride with one of the kids, he is officially in the other country once he steps into the chauffeured car), people whose parents are so prominent that there are memorial plaques and buildings named in their honor, and dentists (Chris Rock fans will understand about the dentists). He started at the school just before Covid, so the only other parent I know is a doctor who has treated him a couple times.

Agenda item #2: shoes
I’m getting so tired of this with the shoes.

The geox fit, but I don’t think they work with the things I want to wear them with. I’ll take pix and add shortly. (ETA done; they’re ok with the other stuff, but clunky with the dresses).

I like all the others better, especially the Tamaris and Lascana, but they don’t fit me well. The Tamaris are probably just a “no” because they are long enough—my foot just hangs over the side. The Lascana seem to be big all around, so I’m going to try a size up.

1-2 Lascana
3-5 Tamaris is on my left foot (the one without the birthmark).
6 Geox
7-12 possibilities for his graduation
13-15 pants I expect to wear with whatever white sandals I settle on.
16-21 Stand-ins for shorts & jeans. May or may not be actual items to wear with the sandals, but I do expect to wear them with some shorts & jeans (including the new G-Star jeans, which are in the hamper)

22-27 Extra Bonus Content. I just ordered these two wide pairs and as I was packing up the rejects, I realized there was one more pair here. They weren’t my favorite, but they fit and don’t feel as clunky as the Geox. What do you think?

All pictures taken by helpful young man lounging on his bed. Please excuse the upwards angle and the broomstick (he’s going to clean—really!) in the background.

Advice on dresses or shoes, anyone?

ETA scroll down for photos of options for jewelry, toppers, & bags in comments

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