I am so frustrated! It is 2 months since my lower back kind of healed, and I already have a new problem - started having pain in my right foot about week ago, which got progressively worst. This morning I woke up with the swollen foot and was not able to walk. Went to my family doctor, he diagnosed me with joint inflammation, got some pills and cream and if it does not start getting better soon, will get injection tomorrow. But he also told me that I will have to get orthotics to prevent from this happening again in the future. And that is where I need your help. I replaced 12 pairs of shoes last year because I could not tolerate heels higher than 5 cm any more because of my back pain, but doubt that they would fit orthotics. Does it mean that I have to replace shoes again? Anyone who have experience with wearing orthotics, what type of shoes do you wear? Does it mean no sandals anymore? Any recommendations?