Well, the search for work shoes goes on. Shoes are HARD!!!

I tried all the ones below. Here's the upshot.

Intentionally Blank, Franz Gold: Beautifully made and the perfect height. I loved how these looked and I really tried to make these work for me. The gold was shimmery more than shiny, and they felt like a cool sort of nude. I was very taken with them, but they were close fitting in a very weird and specific way: the toe was a bit cramped vertically speaking. I have low volume feet and there just wasn't enough space for my toes to wiggle up and down (although the shoe fit perfectly lengthwise). Does this make sense to you? Sent back.

Intentionally Blank, Cola Red: Beautifully made and so soft, but I don't like how they looked on the feet (extremely high foot coverage - not just the vamp but the entire foot opening). Plus, the 9 was unusually squeezy (I am an 8.5). Sent back.

Ann Taylor Camel Eliza Suede: Very pretty but too high. I believe they say 2.5 but they feel taller. Sent back.

Cole Haan Dove Grey Oxford: I bought these and will definitely wear them as travel shoes at the very least, provided they become more comfortable. They rub quite a bit at the heel for now (to the point of painful blisters). I hate breaking shoes in. Kept but worried.

Zara, Flatform Bluchers: Love the look of these, but I am expecting a short life because inexpensive ($50), not leather, and trendy. I am an 8.5, the size 9 was really big, so I have a size 8 on order. Reordered and hopeful.

Steve Madden Admire Sandal, blue: Ordered on a whim based on Lisap's review. Have no idea how/if these will fit into my needs. Ordered impulsively.

Knowing how I have lived with a very limited palette of work shoes in the past, I am sure I will be fine if I end up adding only the Zara bluchers (I also have my blue wedge heels and my black loafers). That's 3 pairs of different and comfortable shoes. And I can just wait until the right 4th pair comes along.