After my Blondo boots failed me walking in Vegas (they are comfy for daily activity, but my foot pushed too far forward for long distance walking), I’m thinking ahead to spring and summer vacation shoes needed for something like Chicago, NYC, DC etc. I am afraid I’m relegated to running shoes, not even cute tennis shoes like the Ecco soft VII. I have a hard time walking huge distances in sandals, and seem to do better with good socks, but I would likely take a pair of sandals.

I have a lot of crop pant outfits and hate the thought of bulky tennis shoes with them. I guess if I had dark full length pants, all black tennis shoes could blend a little better. I definitely need to test out ahead of time to make sure whatever I bring holds up.

So my question is, any suggestions for a more serious sight seeing shoe that can hold up to a lot of walking for my increasingly finicky feet? What is working for you?