My feet seem to be getting fussier, plus I have R vs L foot fit issues.
The worst thing is that some footwear will seem to pass muster during try- on, even walking about home, and maybe the first wear, especially if a shorter time ( which I might do as a test run) and then later start to pinch or do something that is too uncomfortable for all- day. What's up with that?

I think it's more likely with any degree if heel, even a wedge, as the foot pressure builds. Or with pointy toes. Makes sense- my feet are voting. But sometimes it's just unexpected. Then I go through the process of, is this for real? Just a bad foot day? Is there something that would make them work? Should I keep but remember only for certain occasions?
I'm trying now to be more realistic and ruthless and " spark Joy" oriented, and accept the sunk cost and decide to toss and go " next". But finding it hard when I THOUGHT I was choosing something comfortable.
I have figured out that for sure it's time to be ruthless with footwear intended to be either casual or a style that is widely available. For example, there's not much point in an uncomfortable loafer or sneaker. I might quayle more over dressy shoes that " make" a special occasion outfit.

Over to you-- how do you deal with unexpectedly disappointing fit or performance ?