So I'm in a bit of a dilemma with shoes; booties, in particular. Recently, I've been wearing my Campers Booties a lot because I can slip my insole in there and my feet are perfectly happy all day in the office, as long as I don't do heavy amounts (2+ hours straight) of walking afterwards (not usually the case on a regular 9-5 day). And then... I see the Munro Robyn on Jackie and the v-shape in front of the boot makes me want this boot badly! I find that shape very flattering on the foot and would be great on cropped relaxed skinny styles! The only issue: they look very similar to my Campers (without the v-shape in front).

Here's what my Campers look like:

I'm very uncertain about the fit of Munro's though, so I'm not sure if it's worth the risk. Also, would the Munros be comfortable enough? Would the sole be rigid enough (like my Campers)? Does it have enough of a forefoot "platform"?

If the cranberry coloured Robyn's were in the NAS sale, I'd get it in a heartbeat! But I wonder if it's still worth getting the black ones even though I already have a black bootie that works (yet doesn't have that one detail I really like)?

I'm also on a lookout for boots/booties/shoes with a similar style (and height) of heel. Any suggestions where I can look?